10 Apple Music Features to Use on Your iPhone

Apple Music is the best music streaming service for iPhone. It boasts a robust music collection, and you can use it with Siri, as well as connected devices like HomePod. But there’s more to Apple Music than just curated playlists and an integrated ecosystem.

Apple Music has a variety of features to make music streaming easier and faster. However, you might not have made use of them yet for various reasons. With this in mind, check out our list of Apple Music features to use on your iPhone.

1. Automatic Downloads

The process for downloading a song or album in Apple Music is simple. First, tap on the Add button and wait for it to be added to your Library. Then, when the Add button transforms into a Download button, tap on it to start the download.

There’s a way to make this process one tap shorter. If you enable Automatic Downloads, anything you add to your Library will be downloaded to your iOS device instantly. This is especially useful if you’ve just started building up your collection in Apple Music.


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